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About Velocity Stack

The proud roar is unmistakable, and the rapid response of your motorcycle's engine tells you something special is happening after you install a velocity stack. This aftermarket engine modification increases the volume of air going into the induction system as well as the speed at which that air flows. This simple adjustment introduces more air into the combustion chamber, which, in turn, improves the power and responsiveness of the bike. It also gives your engine's "voice" more personality, lending its induction note a full-bodied and confident growl. Find a popular aftermarket option, such as a Mikuni velocity stack, or look for a stack that is designed especially for your bike's make and model. To find a velocity stack that brings responsive power and a new sound to your vehicle, shop the vast inventory of aftermarket bike parts on eBay, including Yamaha and Harley-Davidson velocity stacks, and let everyone on the road know you are coming.