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About Vaseline

You may have heard of Vaseline glass or even have your own collection. This authentic glassware glows with a yellow-green color under black lighting. If the glassware does not glow, you can know that it is not true Vaseline glass. Because Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, which the glassware name derives from, was not patented until 1878, the original producers of the product did not use that name. As a result, you might find it referred to as pressed glass instead. Whether called pressed or Vaseline glassware, these items are available through the reliable sellers on eBay, and can help you start or add to your collection. When searching for pieces from specific dates, be aware that production of this glassware was interrupted from about 1943 until 1958 due to the government?s confiscation of necessary production materials. If you are starting a collection of antique Vaseline glass or already an avid collector, be sure to check your glassware for authenticity using the black light test. You can then be certain that yours is the real deal due to its eerie yellow-green glow, which makes for an excellent conversation starter as well as an accent piece.