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About Variants

If you are a true super collector of comic books, you know the value and demand of the variant. As early as the 1990s, comic book companies created books that had the same internal text but offered various, or variant, covers to them. Printed with multiple covers, each one was unique and considered a must-have for true collectors. It was a popular trend during the "Speculator Boom," when collectors were buying and preserving these books. Finding an X-men variant today may be easy to do, but if you want to buy an older comic in an alternative cover, you'll need to turn to the reliable sellers on eBay. This is where you'll find a great selection of unique and highly collectible comic book covers. Perhaps you want a Superman, Avengers, or Batman variant to add to your collection. From like-new condition to worn and used, it may not matter to a true comic variant collector. Just having every version of your favorite comic book makes it all worthwhile.