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About Vanity Set

Bring a bit of Old World beauty to your hair and makeup routine with a vanity set. A vanity set may include a vanity with a mirror and a stool or high-back chair to sit in when applying makeup and get ready for the day, or an evening out on the town. To add a decorative touch to your vanity, place a handheld mirror and brush set on it for an elegant accent. Victorian vanity sets, complete with mirror and brushes, are available as part of the vast inventory on eBay and many of them are vintage pieces, which may be handmade and adorned with jewels or other items featuring beautiful detailing. Gold vanity sets shimmer like jewels and add striking detail to your room as a place to hold perfume bottles and cosmetics. Some sets may also include combs and brushes, and a jar in which to put toiletries. Others include a tray ideal for keeping cosmetics and perfumes organized on top of your vanity. Whether you opt for a mother of pearl or a hand-painted set, the extra special touches will add to your look of your vanity.