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About Vanilla Beans

Did you know that by sticking a few vanilla beans in alcohol, you can create your own vanilla extract? Vanilla beans are the second most expensive spice next to saffron, and it?s no wonder why. They create an amazing flavor that has many uses, from food to fragrance. However, one thing you should be aware of is that not all vanilla beans are of the same quality. Moisture content counts. The Grade A bean is the cream of the crop in the vanilla world. Grade A beans are often referred as "gourmet" or "prime" beans, and they have a 30 to 35 percent moisture content. These beans are ideal for cooking uses. The Grade B bean is known as "extract fruit" and has 15 to 25 percent moisture content. Grade B beans are perfect for making vanilla extracts and other similar products. You can purchase the various grades of beans in bulk on eBay from a reputable merchant who can guarantee high quality products. When it comes to baking, especially for your loved ones, you don?t want to skimp on your ingredients. By getting the very best vanilla bean, you are making your product taste that much better.