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About Van Shelving

You arrive at the job site ready to get to work, but when you open the rear doors of your van, your equipment and materials look like they have been involved in a miniature tornado. Van shelving systems save the day when it comes to organization and safety, as they help you organize your materials for easy retrieval. Most cargo van shelves are designed to be mounted to the sides of your van. Some feature contoured tops to make maximum use of overhead height, while others fold up or down from the walls of the van based on your changing needs. When choosing a van shelving system, consider the types of equipment and materials you use. If you work with liquids or fragile items, for example, select a model that features "lips" on the fronts of shelves to prevent jars and bottles from tipping over by a sudden lane change on the freeway. Used van shelving might be an attractive option if you want to upgrade your storage system inexpensively, and the vast inventory of shelves on eBay will provide you with plenty of variety.