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About Van Halen

Who doesn’t remember the metallic solo that Eddie Van Halen played with an electric drill on “Poundcake,” or admire his ultra-technical fret board antics on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” single? Widely known as a guitar virtuoso, he has a strong and wide fanbase. Whether you got into him during the original David Lee Roth years, the screaming Sammy Hagar years, or the Gary Cherone period, you probably have a favorite CD or song. The covers on any LP have ranged in style throughout the years, from simplistic typography to the controversial cover of the “1984” album, which depicts a baby cupid smoking a cigarette. You can find many of new copies of their LPs, CDs, live DVDs, and tour memorabilia on eBay. A live DVD is a great way to enjoy the concert experience at home anytime Van Halen is on hiatus from touring, and anyone who’s “Hot for Teacher” will be surprised and delighted with a signed poster. Get ready to relive the epic stage antics of David Lee Roth and be blown away by the amazing Eddie Van Halen.