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About Van Gogh

Most people cannot imagine how eerie it would be to walk by a tombstone displaying their name; however, the painter Vincent van Gogh experienced this oddity on a regular basis because the original Vincent — an older brother — died in infancy. Perhaps this set the tone for van Gogh's fragile mental state. Born in 1853 in what is now the Netherlands, Vincent Willem van Gogh painted several of his classic pieces including "Irises," "The Olive Trees," and "The Starry Night" while cloistered in mental asylums. Although he began painting at 27 or 28 and died at the tender age of 37, his collected Post-Impressionist works include a whopping 900 pieces. Because he sold only one painting in his short lifetime, van Gogh was continually riddled with self-doubt and died a failure, or so he thought. His original painting, "Irises," sold at a Sotheby's auction for 49 million dollars in 1987. Because the vast majority of art lovers can only dream of owning such a valuable piece, most settle for posters or prints. A large inventory on eBay offers many affordable options. Featuring candor, rustic beauty, color, and bold brush strokes, van Gogh's works make a lovely statement in any space.