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About Van Briggle

A stunning, matte-glazed Van Briggle piece is a great reward in your cherished pottery collection. With a tradition of producing fine pottery since 1899, Van Briggle pottery is defined by the glazing process that founders Artus and Anne Van Briggle took years perfecting. Originally a painter in Paris, Artus Van Briggle's passion was pottery and the pursuit of the perfect formula to create a matte, soft marble-like glaze. You can bolster your collection with charming, animal-shaped keepsakes or one of the company's sleek, almost architectural pitchers. Van Briggle pottery is still produced in Colorado, and there are many choices available in the vast inventory on eBay. A vase or pair of lamps in the company's traditional aqua-blue and pink hues makes a great start to your collection, and all pieces feature the earthy, smooth matte glaze that adds just enough texture to make them glow. Although dating the pieces can be challenging, as the Van Briggle markings can sometimes appear inconsistent, the VB logo always appears on an authentic Van Briggle piece. The high-gloss pieces that stray from the signature matte pottery are marked Anna Van Briggle, produced from 1954 to 1968. Carry on the tradition of this collectible pottery by adding a piece to your collection.