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About Vampire Knight

After seeing the huge fandom that the Twilight series accumulated, as well as the Vampire Diaries, and even the older Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you begin to wonder what other cultures think about vampires and how they may interpret the lore that surrounds these mysterious blood-thirsty creatures. One storyline that may be worth your time is the intriguing one depicted by the Vampire Knight series. Vampire Knight originally started out as a 19-volume manga series that was intended for the "Shojo" demographic, which is females between the ages of 10 and 18. After the series took off and sparked an anime that can be viewed on the Vampire Knight DVD set, people of all demographics began enjoying this enthralling series about the vampire race. This series leaves you with a great deal of mystery, as you try to determine if the vampires are good or if they are actually evil. Mixing fantasy, romance, and psychological drama altogether, you can find this exotic series, as well as Vampire Knight cosplay gear, to show your love on eBay available from one of many reliable sellers. Look into this intriguing series and see how the Japanese culture interprets these fascinating mythical beings.