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About Vampire Diaries Necklaces

Dark, romantic and always elegant, the style of "The Vampire Diaries" is part of what draws fans into the world of the hit CW series. On eBay, a vast inventory of "Vampire Diaries" necklaces allows fans to wear a beautiful piece of Mystic Falls around their neck. Fans of the series will immediately recognize the "Vampire Diaries" Elena necklace as the one she wore for several seasons, laced with vervain to protect her from the growing vampire presence in her town. Several unique iterations of this gorgeous pendant are available, allowing fans to adopt the style of one of their favorite TV characters. The "Vampire Diaries" Katherine necklace is another beautiful option inspired by the show; as fans well know, Katherine may be evil, but she does have great taste in jewelry. On the show, jewelry is exchanged to profess love or enchanted to protect its wearer from all variety of supernatural forces, and this large collection of jewelry celebrates the characters of the show and its unmistakable style. With some pieces possessing a gothic look and others reminiscent of the Victorian era, there are "Vampire Diaries" necklaces for every preference or occasion. There are also several different cross necklaces offered just in case you happen to run into a vampire. These necklaces make great gifts for any fan of the show and can serve as a way to complete the perfect outfit or just as a collectors item to commemorate the series.