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About Valve Tools

Valve seats, whether in a faucet or in a car, frequently develop problems from friction and corrosion. The right valve tools make replacing them easier. A valve seat tool set includes wrenches, cutters, and grinders designed for work on valve seats. A valve seat wrench lets you loosen and remove, or tighten and replace, a valve seat. A valve seat grinder, also known as a dresser, is used to even out worn or misshapen valve seats. Valve seats are usually made of soft metal, so they can be disfigured by uneven pressure or sometimes corroded by substances in the water or other liquids flowing around them. A wide variety of valve seat tools can be found on eBay. Whatever you're working on, having the right tools is half the job, and the other half is knowing what valve tool to use and how. Valves aren't especially sexy, but keeping the fluids going where they should and not where they shouldn't is important.