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About Valve Spring Compressor

You expect a bold rev at start-up and instead get a pitiful choke. Chances are you may need to pull out your valve spring compressor and switch out the valves in your car, truck, or motorcycle engine. Solid engine performance does not happen without well-seated valves, guides, and stems that are in good condition. When these vital parts begin to show wear, gas can escape during compression and affect the performance and power of an engine. A standard valve spring compressor comes in a C-style clamp design, but many people turn to universals with dial adjustments for a one-size-fits-all answer to overhead engine designs. Although there are brand-specific designs, such as a Ford valve spring compressor, mechanics and amateurs can also consider compressors sold in kits with multiple adapters that let them find a fit for a wide array of vehicles. Whether you are looking for a Honda valve spring compressor for a tuned Civic or a used valve spring compressor, you have a wide variety of choices available from the sellers on eBay.