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About Valve Grinder

Engines are essentially little metal boxes in which one keeps spare explosions, so it is not exactly a surprise that they need regular cleaning and maintenance. Keeping the poppet valves and their valve seats properly surfaced is a messy, difficult job that requires an eye for detail and a familiarity with automotive engineering; it also requires the right tools for the job, and a valve grinder is what is called for. These grinding stones produce the best possible resurfacing effect and grind so exactly that achieving the ideal 45-degree mating angle is relatively easy even for amateur mechanics. Any four-stroke internal combustion engine benefits significantly from maintenance with a Sioux valve grinder. Well-maintained and resurfaced valves improve fuel efficiency and horsepower, making your car more economical. Lapping compound and the lapping tools used to apply it can perform the job adequately, but a valve grinder is essential to achieve any kind of professional effect. Find Kwik Way valve grinders and other reliable tools easily among the extensive inventories of qualified sellers of automotive parts and service tools on eBay.