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About Valve Cover Gasket

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Before the valve cover gasket gives out on your car, you will probably notice leaking or dripping oil pooling on the driveway or floor of your garage. Most cars have overhead cams and valve covers to protect the vehicle from damage when the gasket blows. Even though this part is important to the overall health of the car, it will not likely cause immediate, irreparable damage when it goes bad. Fortunately, that gives you a little time to shop on eBay for a new or used replacement part. Each car manufacturer makes its own parts, which are not interchangeable among brands. If you have a Honda, you will need to purchase a Honda valve cover gasket, just as you will need to buy a Ford valve cover gasket, if you drive a Ford. The valve cover gasket sits under the hood of most cars, making it easy to reach. If you are familiar with cars, you can try replacing the part yourself, or bring it to the repair shop instead.