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About Vacuum Sealers

People thrive on air, but sometimes it's better to take air away. A vacuum sealer can help food stay fresh longer and reduce the space taken by soft, bulky items by removing air from the equation. In the case of food, oxygen encourages the growth of bacteria, which leads to spoiling and rotting. For soft, bulky items, air allows them to maximize the volume of space they take up. By taking air away from a bag or other type of container, a vacuum sealer machine inhibits bacteria growth around food to help it last longer and compresses soft, bulky items to make them easier to carry. These devices can also offer a range of helpful features, including one-touch sealing, a gentle-speed option for delicate foods, and a marinate mode for quickly infusing food with flavor. When the vacuuming is done, a sealer usually applies heat to close the bag. Whether you want your food to stay fresh for longer or your stored blankets to remain less bulky, you'll find a new vacuum sealer and accessories for the job on eBay. With just a few clicks, you can start saving storage space for your clothes and bedding, and money on wasted food.