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About Vacuum Oven

A vacuum oven provides fast and safe drying of heat-sensitive materials and flammable solvents. Also preventing residue accumulation, these ovens typically have stainless steel chambers for durability and remain cool on the outside during use. They have a wide range of applications including chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, books, food, and more. Most drying ovens come equipped with tempered glass viewing windows so that a project can be safely and continuously monitored. You can accomplish drying with a conventional oven, but this is not safe for all items and can take much longer — as much as 75 percent longer in fact. A Precision vacuum oven has short warm-up and fast drying times, and gives the user a high level of temperature control. The aluminum thermoshelves inside are easy to position and are designed for optimal temperature distribution. And with many options available on eBay, you can find exactly what you need in terms of functionality.