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About V6 Engine

The power, performance, and even the sound of your engine relies on one element almost more than any other — its cylinders. From the inline 4-cylinder to the massive V8, there are many different configurations that give your car or truck its power, but none is more popular than the V6 engine. Developed as early as 1906, the V6 designation refers to the literal layout of this engine's six cylinders in either a 60 or 90-degree "V" shape. Designed in direct contrast to the inline engine style, the V6 engine stands out not only for its increased power as compared to the inline 4, but its compact size. The "V" shape makes it the perfect size for transverse engine front-wheel drive vehicles, which generally includes most mid-sized cars. The V6 engine also contrasts favorably with the V8 engine which, although more powerful, is both larger and less efficient in terms of fuel economy. The V6 is commonly found in larger trucks and SUVs as a lower-powered but more efficient option compared to the V8. Whether you are rebuilding a car, repairing your truck, or thinking about upgrading, there are a variety of V6 engine designs and brands to choose from among the large inventory on eBay. Choose an engine that combines efficiency and compact size with power and performance.

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