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About V Neck T Shirt Mens

Some days you just want to be plain, while other days you want to dress it up a bit, and some days you need to do both all in the same day. You can get this versatility all in the same V-neck T-shirt in men's styles. Begin your day at the office in a V-neck shirt with khakis and dress shoes, and then go meet your buddies after work in the same V-neck, jeans, and tennis shoes. The V-neck is a versatile item that can be dressed up or dressed down — it can even be worn with pajama pants. V-neck T-shirts in men's cuts can be found in plain colors as well as striped and two-tone, and some include a silkscreen print on the front. A men's basic V-neck T-shirt can be worn as an undershirt with a suit, sweater, or button-up shirt. V-neck shirts are a relaxing fit and are usually made of a cotton blend. Men's fashion V-neck T-shirts come in many name brands. These styles are a little more unique; for example, some are made of leather, while others have a ribbed edging around the neck and sleeves. Browse the vast inventory on eBay and enjoy the flexibility and comfort of a V-neck T-shirt.