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About V for Vendetta Mask

Dancing through the streets under the cloak of darkness, you sport your "V for Vendetta" mask and a keen sense of justice. It is time to respectfully protest the latest injustice, with no better face to represent it than Guy Fawkes. Ever since the hit film directed by James McTeigue debuted in 2005, the "V for Vendetta" mask has been a symbol of social justice and activism. The political thriller that started it all features a mask design that has become insanely popular. This iconic mask is available in many materials, including plastic "V for Vendetta" masks for those who want a more affordable option and resin versions for those who want a highly durable disguise. Whether you need to stand up for what is right or just sport an iconic costume for Halloween, you can find both simple and deluxe Guy Fawkes masks amid the large inventory on eBay.