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About Used Wheelchair

For someone who is temporarily or permanently coping with a mobility impairment, a used wheelchair can provide valuable freedom and help stave off the mental, physical, and social problems that can result when a person is unable to get where he or she needs to go without fully relying on someone else. Browse through the vast inventory on eBay and find sturdy, user-friendly, and comfortable models that easily fit into modern lifestyles. Speaking of "fitting in," if portability is a concern, go with a used folding wheelchair that collapses down to a small size that can be carried in the back seat or trunk of a car. Those options are great for normal types of travel, such as going to the grocery store or to the shopping mall, as well as for airline travel. Many have quick-release wheels, so they can be disassembled in seconds. Alternatively, look for a used Quickie wheelchair if you are interested in a brand that has been in the market for over two decades. In addition to motorized, manual, and sports models, you can also find components ranging from metallic frames to locking brackets. Give yourself or someone you love a renewed sense of independence by picking out a used wheelchair today.