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About Used Vending Machines

The coin makes a small clink as it drops, the side panel lights up as you make your selection, and your candy bar or bag of chips make a satisfying thump as it falls. Used vending machines offer snacks, candy, and soda to those out on the go, and if you own a couple machines, you can earn a nice chunk of change. Used vending machines can be electric or mechanical, and you will want to choose a model based on where it will be. Mechanical machines are smaller, usually fitting on table tops and measuring around 22 inches tall, and operating with manual levers. Used snack vending machines that run on electricity are usually free standing, measuring 72 inches or taller, and some are refrigerated for cold snacks. If you want to provide a variety of dry and cold snacks, as well as drinks, consider purchasing a used combination vending machine as different models can hold different types of items. The reliable sellers on eBay offer a large selection of different models to meet your needs. Look for shipping options that meet your needs, too, such as local pickup. Used vending machines are a terrific way to make a little extra money or to provide convenience for your employees.

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