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About Used Stihl Chainsaws

With winter setting in, you know you are bound to be out in the fierce cold, clearing out tree branches before the storms hit and they end up through your roof. Before donning your back brace, consider a used Stihl chainsaw to make quick work of those yard chores. The Stihl company boasts German engineering and American manufacturing for many of its power tools. For lightweight work for homeowners, a used Stihl 017 chainsaw, known as the "mini boss," delivers just the right amount of power for cutting firewood and small trees, and for clearing storm-damaged limbs. For tougher jobs, a professional-grade used Stihl MS 460 chainsaw features a long-lasting magnesium housing, adjustable chain oiler, and IntelliCarb compensating carburetor that maintains high performance in all kinds of climates. The company offers a wide selection of chainsaws in both light electric models such as the MSE 170, as well as gas-powered models manufactured for rescue personnel and loggers, such as the MSE 461. Once you find the used Stihl chainsaw that fits your needs on eBay, remember to use only fuel with less than 10 percent ethanol content per the manufacturer's recommendations. Always make sure the chain tension is correct and that it has ample lubrication before operating.

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