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About Used Ice Machine

Even the chilliest beverage is usually not quite as refreshing without those crucial ice cubes, and that is especially true if you work in a food service setting where people characteristically want fresh cubes with every refill of their glasses. Make and access ice cubes as needed by browsing the vast inventory on eBay for a functional used ice machine. Some come with stainless steel bins that have sliding glass top doors, so cubes go directly into storage and stay cold until you need them. Other models make a soft, chewable type of shaved ice that works well if you sell frozen treats or are catering to elderly people who cannot tolerate hard cubes. Get a used commercial ice machine that can make more than a thousand pounds of ice per day, and find replacement parts to keep your model in working order. Some of these machines have self-serve features, allowing customers to get ice whenever they want it. Choose a used under-counter ice machine if you are trying to make the most of available space and do not want to clutter up counter space. No matter which capacity and features you choose, a used ice machine makes it easy to keep customers satisfied.