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About Used Air Compressors

Refurbishing your home, you need a lot of different tools to complete all of your projects, and used air compressors operate many of those tools. Air compressors use electricity or gas to compress and pressurize the air in the tank so you can release quick and powerful bursts of air to operate nail guns, paint sprayers, pressure washers, and many other tools. Used air compressor tanks can be small, with a 2-gallon capacity, which is ideal for residential use, and can also be considerably larger, holding up to 80-gallon tanks, which are ideal for commercial applications. A used portable air compressor is easy to transport, typically containing an ergonomic handle, and wheels to help with better maneuvering. Parts are available separately, so you can find motors, tanks, hoses, and other accessories to get your compressor up and running without needing to purchase a full unit. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find used air compressors to continue working on fixing up your house.

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