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About USB Switches

Everyone in your home has his or her own computer, and it's great, except there's not enough USB devices and cables to go around. In homes or offices that feature more computers than peripherals, a USB switch allows you to change up which computer accesses those components. These specialized hubs connect to several devices at once. A sharing switch works with printers, external hard drives, keyboards, and other input/output devices. Also called a sharing hub, a USB switch comes in several different varieties. When used to share a keyboard, video display, and mouse between devices, it is also called a KVM switch. Some switches connect to a few computers via cable. More advanced switches share peripherals via your Wi-Fi connection. The latter works over a larger area and more computers, and allows you to keep your peripherals tucked away somewhere unobtrusive. Most hubs require that you press a physical switch to move between computers. However, advanced switches offer software that, when installed on the host computers, allows you to activate the switch on a software level. Like with a wireless switch, this allows you to tuck the switch out of the way. Sellers on eBay offer USB switches from a variety of manufacturers. Switches might be new in box or gently used, but each one could be perfect for making your office more manageable.