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In the world of high technology, he who controls the most computers wins the game. Okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but increasingly controlling multiple computers from one workstation is ideal, and a USB KVM switch is the key. Perhaps you are running separate real-time processes that require dedicated individual computers, but can share a monitor. Maybe you are a gamer running your gaming platform on one computer while using the second for overall Internet access and general computer needs. Whatever your purpose, the multi-station capability of the USB KVM switch enables you to access two or more computers from one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. From the rackmount KVM USB to the KVM DVI USB, the reliable sellers on eBay have what you want. Additionally, you can find many different types, accommodating various port types and needs, such as the USB VGA KVM and the KVM DVI USB. For the multi-tasker in you, or just to support datacenter needs, you cannot go wrong with a USB KVM switch to make your multiple computer systems easy to access.