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As programming languages become more and more advanced, fewer up-and-coming programming professionals appreciate the finer nuances of microchip programming. This valuable field of study is integral to learning to think like a computer, and it requires the use of both special pieces of equipment known as programmers, as well as USB JTAG wires for most modern computers. JTAG was once one of the gold standard in cable technology, but it has been largely displaced by more efficient and technologically advanced formats like USB. A USB JTAG adapter, however, allows users to connect any generation of programmer that uses a JTAG port directly to the most modern computers. Thanks to the reliable sellers on eBay, you can find these USB JTAG cables for yourself. Combining any of a number of programmers with USB JTAG wires can help both amateur and professional coders to hone their reasoning skills, gaining a better understanding of how their computers think.