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About USB Headsets

You are sick and tired of repeating yourself into your cheap on-board microphone. If this sounds like you, maybe it is time to buy a USB headset and enjoy the clarity and responsiveness that only a dedicated headset can provide. A good USB headset comes complete with high-fidelity input and output, delivering clear sound to your ears and picking up your vocals with great accuracy. The majority of products labeled as a USB headset are actually a USB headset with microphone, as the two come in combination. You can find a headset for your desktop, laptop, or even for your gaming system by buying an Xbox 360 or PS3 USB headset. Be sure to keep an eye out for special features like noise cancellation, noise isolation, background noise reduction, and in-line volume and muting controls. You can find a wide range of headsets on eBay available from reliable sellers. If you are sick of using on-board microphones, a USB microphone is a worthwhile upgrade.