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About US Paper Money

The U.S. paper money that people know and use today has a long history dating back to the Revolutionary War and was used to anticipate and to support the war. There are many different note types including gold certificates, goldbacks, greenbacks, and the advanced notes with a long list of anti-counterfeit measures that people use today. U.S. paper money errors are not commonly found outside of a mint that may include a fold during the printing process, cutting errors, or wet ink transfers. For new collectors or old hands, there are U.S. paper money lots that can contain anywhere from three to hundreds of different notes. They may have different color seals, be printed in different years, or possibly have sequential numbers. If you are looking to buy U.S. paper money, there is a huge list of reliable sellers on eBay. Many of these sellers have a large inventory of different note types and with quality ranging from anywhere up to perfect uncirculated, meaning there is something for every budget.