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About US Gas Masks

Since the first patent in 1849, U.S. gas masks have developed to protect wearers from all kinds of noxious substances. Featuring a filter that protects against nuclear and chemical threats, these masks keep you safe in the event of chemical and biological warfare. By choosing a mask with a filter on either side of the head, you can benefit from clear air that lasts longer. As most filters last around 24 hours, you have plenty of time to get yourself to clean air. When buying a mask for protective use, always choose a modern U.S. army gas mask. However, you may also want to purchase one for collective purposes. When doing this, choosing vintage U.S. military gas masks is ideal. Often featuring authentic U.S. army stamps, these masks are perfect for anybody who loves to collect wartime memorabilia. Browsing through the U.S. gas masks on eBay allows you to choose from a vast inventory of protective items. When combined with a good supply of filters, you can use yours to guard yourself against noxious substances in the event of an emergency situation.