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About US Dollar Coins

Occasionally it seems that U.S. dollar coins fade in and out of circulation like the Cheshire Cat, leaving behind only vague memories of the most recent iteration in lieu of a grin. Despite the American public's stubborn refusal to adopt them as conventional currency, U.S. dollar coins retain considerable valuable as a novelty item and a collectible. With the introduction of the 2000 Sacagawea dollar, the U.S. dollar coin became the only denomination to feature two non-fictitious females, the other being Susan B. Anthony. Seven years later, the U.S. Mint attempted to follow up on the sweeping success of the 50 State Quarters Program by introducing the Presidential 1 Dollar Coin Program, a campaign to commemorate each of the former Commanders-in-Chief in chronological order. These U.S. Presidential dollar coins release through 2016, guaranteeing they maintain the attention of collectors for years to come. Whether searching for one of these U.S. dollar coin variants or others such as the Eisenhower Bicentennial dollar, you can most likely find it within the huge inventory offered by reliable sellers on eBay.