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About U.S. Divers

Sometimes sinking to the depths is exactly what you want. But if you do, make sure you wear the best equipment, like a US Divers wetsuit. When you buy a wetsuit for scuba diving, it's important to get the right thickness. All wetsuits, including the Mercury full wetsuit, are made from neoprene, a form of foam rubber, but the thickness varies from 2 mm for a "shorty" suit or summer suit up to 6 mm for the main protection in a winter suit. Go by the temperature of the water rather than the actual season; some waters are icy cold in August while others may be warm enough for a shorty suit in January (don't forget that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere). Rest assured as a US Divers wetsuit is well respected among scuba divers as US Divers offers quality products, and the various sizes and thicknesses of a US Divers Mercury wetsuit are often available on eBay. Happy and safe diving!