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About Urban Decay

For women who like a little bit of edge in their makeup, look no further than Urban Decay. Known for it’s sassy, audacious color combinations, this cosmetic company is all about towing the line. Before Urban Decay, it was impossible to find quality nail polish in anything other than proper pinks, reds, and white. Now, it’s bring on the purples, greens, and blues. Although other companies took the hint and followed their lead, you know who’s setting the trends. Moreover, Urban Decay is completely vegan, and does not test any of their products on animals. They do not even think of using animal hair for brushes—all made with synthetic materials. Give your eyes the smoky effect with Urban Decay eyeliner. If you can’t decide on just one color, Urban Decay palettes hold several different shades. Whether you’re looking for fashion forward and funky or neutral tones, eye shadow never looked so good. eBay carries a wide variety if Urban Decay cosmetics that are sure to unleash your wild side. Sure it might be called Urban Decay, but this beauty brand is nothing but progressive.