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About Upholstery Tacks

You are so proud of your re-upholstered living room chair that you slaved over, but it just does not look quite finished yet. Then you realize that it is missing those decorative upholstery tacks that you see on fine furniture. The tacks are very simple to apply, since they just hammer lightly into the wood under the upholstery. The easiest method to apply the tacks is to line them up with seams, so that they cover those while adding a decorative nail trim effect. You can find them separately, usually in materials such as brass, or you can find them in strips. The strips are easier to apply, since you put multiples in at a time. If bright and shiny new tacks are not going to match your chair's makeover, consider using vintage tacks. These already have a patina and help your new upholstery to look as though it has already weathered a bit. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find all sorts of styles of upholstery tasks to finish off even the biggest furniture makeovers.