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About Upholstery Foams

Torn, frayed, and just plain ugly — that used chair has good bones and just needs a little paint and some new fabric to shine. An ugly chair can be completely transformed, and all you need is some upholstery foam, batting, and fabric. Upholstery foam is available in various thicknesses, and the size you choose is based on the project you are completing. For quilting projects, 0.25-inch foam is ideal, but for replacement seat cushions, 1-inch to 6-inch foam is available. Upholstery foam padding has various degrees of density, and higher density pads allow for higher compression rates, which are better suited to cushions. Regular density pads work well for backing and arms on your project. When choosing the upholstery foam size for your project, you also want to consider the batting size you need to use, as it adds inches to the overall thickness that affects how much fabric you need. Reupholstering projects allow you to save money on used furniture, as well as choose the exact style of fabric you want for your design. With the large inventory of supplies on eBay, you can finish your project exactly how you want.