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About Universal Throttle Cable

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As your vehicle sputters, jumps, and dies for the third time, you wonder if you have a serious clutch issue or simply need a new throttle cable. A universal throttle cable could offer the solution to your problem, but you first have to determine if you need a full throttle kit or just the cable. Kits generally include all the necessary connecting parts, such as nuts, bolts, and screws, in addition to the cables. It is possible to buy the cable separately if all the other working parts of the system are in good working order. OEM cables are typically available, but it is sometimes easier and less expensive to find universal cables that work on a number of vehicles. It is also possible to find a universal motorcycle throttle cable if your vehicle of choice only has two wheels. If your lawn mower suddenly refuses to remain running, a universal mower throttle cable might be the answer. No matter which type of equipment sputters and dies, the large inventory on eBay includes the universal throttle cable you need to get it running like a dream.