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About Universal Intercooler

A new turbo intercooler gives any car?s turbocharger a massive boost by increasing air intake density and providing more thrust. Increased air intake lets your car roar and pick up speed like a track car, and is more than enough to turn a few envious heads. It will also balance power and fuel consumption and may reduce your travel expenses over the long term. A universal intercooler kit fits any turbo system and comes with all the pipes and fittings necessary for a successful installation. Available on eBay, purchase a new intercooler pipe to simply replace a damaged part and get your turbo system working properly again. Save money by installing an intercooler yourself, or have a mechanic install it so you do not mistakenly cause massive damage to your engine. Install a polished aluminum pipe kit for a stunning look if you have a clear hood installed or for when you open your hood at a custom car event. Give your car a much-needed boost and prepare to feel the need for speed.