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About Universal Geneve Watches

You feel elegant, feminine, and stylish and you want your fashion accessories to say the same. Universal Geneve watches, with their gold hands and markers, do just that. These watches are constructed by Swiss watchmakers with only the finest, quality materials and are designed to give you years worth of wear with their classic, luxury craftsmanship. Inspired by water and the symbol of life, Universal Geneve ladies watches combine elegance, fashion, and technology to bring you what was once nicknamed "the watch couturier." No matter what your style, you can find a watch that fits your life. There are 18K gold Universal Geneve watches with white or yellow bracelet bands and watches with quality leather straps. With their Swiss quartz movements and sapphire crystal faces, they are dependable and feminine. No matter if you are looking for vintage Universal Geneve Watches or a new one, with the variety of products available on eBay, you can have one delivered straight to your door. When you are shopping for watches, trust the Universal Geneve brand; with over 100 years of watch making excellence, each piece is a quality work of art.