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About Universal Car Antenna

You are driving through a wooded area when you hear a dreadful "snap" from just outside your car, and you realize that your radio antenna has become a casualty of an overgrown oak tree. A universal car antenna offers an attractive replacement option, especially if your radio needs an extra boost in volume or sound quality. Universal car radio antennas come in a variety of types and designs, including options that you can place out of sight anywhere in your vehicle, such as in the center console or the glove box, without sacrificing your favorite tunes. Choose a universal car antenna that is equipped for AM/FM radio and is a good fit for your vehicle. The large inventory of universal car power antennas available on eBay includes shark-fin models as well as tiny models less than four inches tall. Before you install it, determine whether or not the antenna must be grounded. Some require this, while others only require that the radio itself is grounded. If you are tired of a boring black antenna, select a colorful option to match or contrast with your vehicle's paint job.

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