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About United Airlines - Collectibles

One of the country's oldest air carriers, United Airlines was founded in 1926 as an air mail service called Varney Air Lines. When William Boeing bought Varney and other air mail services, United Airlines began operation in 1934. United operated the first all-metal aircraft, the Boeing 247, and expanded its routes rapidly. It's signature Hawaii route began in 1947, and United Aloha Service was born. In a time when airline travel is more of an obstacle course than a pleasure, take a nostalgic trip to the Islands with United Airlines Hawaii memorabilia such as tiki statues and coasters, travel bags, and key rings. Look for these items and other in-fight ephemera such as napkins and menus in eBay's many listings. Dependable sellers also offer a huge variety of United Airlines posters, including retro examples from the 1940s through the 1970s. Disney enthusiasts can find posters that are paired with Disney attractions such as the Jungle Cruise. You may find a few vintage magazine advertisements to frame and display alongside posters illustrating the best of United's Red Carpet service to the Rockies, New York City, and Seattle.