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About Unimog

There are times when a pick-up trick just does not cut it. When the job calls for something with a bit more power and precision, a Unimog may be exactly what you need. This multi-purpose vehicle manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, a company renowned for its high quality machinery, features a four-wheel drive and a diesel engine that can stand up to whatever the road throws at it. Whether you are looking for an all-terrain vehicle that can get rescue workers in and out of sticky situations, or perform road maintenance in the middle of a biting blizzard, the Unimog offers maximum durability and reliability. It is used in a vast array of industries, including construction, agriculture, road and rail, and haulage, in addition to being utilized for a myriad of military purposes. Reliable sellers on eBay offer several types of used Unimog models, including the Unimog 404 and the Unimog 406, as well as parts and accessories. Tackle hostile terrain and take on any Herculean task when you are behind the wheel of a rough and rugged, yet refined, Mercedes-Benz Unimog.