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About Uniden Batteries

No matter what it says on the box, the vast majority of cordless phones are made by Uniden, and every one of them needs a Uniden battery to power it. Founded in 1966, after the break-up of the Bell system, Uniden quickly became the world's largest manufacturer of landline phones, both under its own name and a large number of house brands. The biggest drawback of cordless phones is that the battery only lasts so long. Two of the more common Uniden batteries are the BT-905 and BT-1007 Nickel Cadmium batteries. The relatively short range and low power draw of most cordless home phones means that they don't need the power of Lithium batteries, enabling users to keep the costs down. Look to the reliable sellers on eBay to find the Uniden battery you need for almost any phone the company makes. Keep talking with a Uniden battery in your cordless phone.