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About Unicron

The sky darkens, and the arrival of a planet-sized robot casts the whole world in shadow. People can only stand and stare, transfixed in horror by the arrival of the Transformers Unicron, the greatest opponent the heroic Autobots have ever faced. Originally appearing in "The Transformers: The Movie," where he was voiced by legendary actor and director Orson Welles, this monstrous, planet-eating robot is an integral part of the Transformers' universe, subsequently appearing in comics, books, cartoons, and the popular toy line. For fans, a Unicron 25th anniversary collector's action figure would make a perfect gift. Reliable sellers on eBay often have them still sealed in the original packaging, making them perfect specimens for collectors who only want the best. Alternatively, you may know someone interested in an Armada Unicron from the "Transformers: Armada" animated series, or one of the other dramatically sculpted Transformers Unicrons. One thing is for certain, any fans of the robots in disguise will be unable to disguise their excitement unwrapping one of these incredible action toys on their birthday.