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About Unheated Sapphires

The clerk at the jewelry store may claim that a sparkling blue sapphire is natural, but after the heat and color treatments conducted in laboratories, the stone is not really natural any longer. A natural, unheated sapphire is more valuable than its treated counterparts because it is very rare. Subjecting the stone to high heat increases its color, and the vibrant colors are very popular, even though the stones are technically altered. An unheated blue sapphire with a rich color depth is extremely valuable and also hard to find. Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of unheated sapphires in different sizes, cuts, and color intensities. Because it takes a trained gemologist to recognize the signs of heating and other treatments, the gemstone should come with documentation. An unheated certified sapphire, for example, comes with papers that prove the stone is completely natural. Take your time browsing through the stunning unheated sapphire listings to find the perfect gem to call your own.