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About Undertaker Accessories

Mark William Calaway, better known by his alter ego, The Undertaker, is a living legend in the world of professional wrestling. An athlete his entire life, Calaway was introduced to the World Wrestling Federation by Hulk Hogan in the early 1990’s. WWF (now WWE) owner Vince McMahon, impressed by Calaway’s career in rival promotion World Championship Wrestling, envisioned the six-foot-ten, 300-pound man as an ominous miscreant, and presented him with the now famous character of The Undertaker. An intricate villain with a complex, igneous backstory, The Undertaker quickly transformed into a revered anti-hero and a fixture of the WWE’s annual grand stage, WrestleMania, having remained undefeated in 21 consecutive WrestleMania events. Unafraid to take on any challenger at any time, The Undertaker continues to dig graves for his opponents in the ring, and though his nicknames, personas, and storylines have shifted throughout the years, his performance has never faltered, helping him to become the World Heavyweight Champion three times and WWF/WWE Champion on four occasions and one of the sport’s most popular wrestlers ever. Undertaker signed action figures are available on eBay for the serious collector, while vintage Undertaker action figures help you to resurrect the drama of the ring, making this celebrated, baleful anti-hero come to life in your own home.