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About Under Armour Tactical

For athletes who take their exercise regimens very seriously, nothing proves dedication to fitness more than Under Armour Tactical gear. The Tactical line is a military-themed collection of clothes, footwear, and accessories that mean serious business. If you love winter sports or spend a lot of time outdoors when the temperature drops below freezing, then you definitely need a pair of Under Armour Tactical gloves to keep your hands warm. They are far more than simple winter gloves. The palms feature padding fitted with silicone to establish a firm grip on any surface while the cuffs are made of neoprene to seal the leather gloves at the wrist. Under Armour Tactical boots feature a similar construction of leather, neoprene and breathable fabric, but they also provide full support for your feet and superior traction on slippery surfaces while wicking away moisture to eliminate odor. With the broad selection of Under Armour Tactical products offered on eBay by reliable sellers, taking your outdoor workout to a new level is only a click away.

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