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About Under Armour Sunglasses

The morning sun shines brightly, lifting your spirits yet causing you to squint. In an effort to protect your eyes from the harmful rays during your morning workout routine, you seriously consider Under Armour sunglasses. At the suggestion of a close friend who swears by them, you start to search for a well-rounded pair of sunglasses that fulfills your athletic and style demands. Under Armour offers plenty of options, including polarized lenses that eliminate nearly 100 percent of all UV rays, and durable military-inspired sunglasses, dubbed the Core series, designed to withstand violent impact. Some sunglasses also feature up to a 20 percent enhancement of edge-to-edge vision. Under Armour performance-ready sunglasses come with flexible and versatile frames that sit securely on the head. These sunglasses come primarily with all white or all black frames, though there are options with colorful accents, such as white frames with orange stripes. Some styles, including the Igniter Polarized sunglasses, have a three-point rubber grip for a secure fit and ArmourSight lens technology, which features construction 10 times stronger than polycarbonate lenses. A wide selection of new and gently used Under Armour sunglasses available from sellers on eBay increases your chance of finding the right pair that best fits you.