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About Uncut Dollar Bills

Hanging the acrylic frame up on the wall, you step back to admire your latest acquisition: an uncut sheet of 32 1-dollar bills. Collectors of U.S. coins and paper money can purchase uncut dollar bills either through various online sites or at local numismatic stores. These sheets typically come in sizes ranging from four to 32 bills and include sheets featuring all of the denominations. This even includes a 2 dollar bill sheet, a rare, yet still legal, currency. Check out the wide selection of uncut dollar sheets sold by a variety of reliable sellers on eBay, for your coin or paper money collecting needs. One of the most popular sheet types features uncut 1 dollar bills. Better yet, you can cut that sheet of uncut dollar bills up and spend them. Before doing so, check the value of what you have, as sometimes uncut sheets are worth far more than their face value, especially for the rarer and harder-to-find sheets. By collecting uncut dollar bill sheets, you can help preserve a piece of history.

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