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About Uncirculated Coins

A student wandering through a museum on a field trip stops at a coin display, noticing an early Buffalo nickel through the glass that reminds him of one his grandfather once showed him. Of course, this appears to be in much better condition than the worn coin his grandfather owned because it is a pristine example of an uncirculated coin. These are coins that were made for circulation but never actually saw use because collectors snapped them up right away and protected them within their collections. For beginning coin collectors, uncirculated currency is a good starting point because these coins are much more affordable than the proof versions, including the annual uncirculated coin sets produced by the U.S. Mint. Sets contain a single example of each coin released that year. Sets are different from uncirculated coin rolls, which contain multiple examples of the same coin. All types of uncirculated coins appear on eBay, along with convenient shipping options that allow the coins to arrive quickly for a fast growing coin collection.